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Perennial Birthday Kit with Stampin Up

My love of cardmaking started with a very simple card kit that was given to me as a gift. I'd never tried or shown an interest in cardmaking before so when i received it i was a bit like 'well ok it looks pretty but i'll probably never use this' rainy day and two bored young children out came the kit!
I loved how quick and easy it was to create beautiful cards, with no previous experience or art skills needed, so easy my then two young boys could join in too.
Even though now i am more experienced in cardmaking and have enough Stampin Up products i could rival the Stampin Up headquarters, when i saw the gorgeous 'Perennial Birthday Project Kit' it took me right back to where i started and the box looked so pretty i decided to order it for myself.

The box is super handy for storing your made cards in so you are always ready with a card when needed. It even has tab dividers to separate the months and a place where you can write down the birthdays during that m…